Ledger Changelog

✨ New

  • Overdrafts: You can allow transactions to draw overdrafts from accounts. This will let you put some accounts in negative, either unbounded or with a set limit. Learn more about it here.

  • When filtering balances, on the GET /account route, add the ability to use the "not equal" operator.

example: ?balanceOperator=ne&balance=100 will give you all accounts whose balance is not 100 (ne = not equal)

  • Added new GET /{ledger}/_info API route.

This endpoint will give you the Formance ledger version, a list of your ledgers, and your database driver.

  • Added a unique ID for each request. This ID can be found in the logs, and is sent in the response header.

  • Numscript monetary variables can now fetch the balance from an account. More info here.

    • monetary $mainBalance = balance(@user:1234, USD/2)

  • Numscript can now set account metadata during a transaction. See documentation here.

  • Added new GET /logs route to fetch the ledger transactions logs.

  • You can now filter by date when counting transactions. See our swagger here. (The link goes to our stack API, but the behavior is the same on the individual APIs, such as the Ledger).

  • Numscript files should perform noticeably better.

🐞 Fixes

  • Pagination did not take into account some filters for the /accounts and /transactions routes.

  • Better integer types used in some SDK.

  • With a certain flow, negative balances were not accepted even if mappings were defined.

  • Performance issue with logging.

  • In some situations, Numscript allowed you to use negative amounts with variables.

  • A POST /script with a conflicting reference was returning a internal error instead of a conflict error.

  • Deprecated the following parameters:

    • pagination_token in favor of cursor

    • page_size in favor of pageSize

    • start_time in favor of startTime

    • end_time in favor of endTime

    • balance_operator in favor of balanceOperator

  • Index creation in the database was not checking if it already existed.

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