Formance for Fintechs

Build you financial infrastructure on top of an open and programmable system-of-record.

Get live in days, scale to millions.

We built the most flexible double-entry bookkeeping system for your Engineering and Product teams.

Model your specific money movements

Engineering and product teams don't have to build everything from scratch. Start implementing your complex money flows seamlessly and unlock new business opportunities without having to reinvent the wheel. Less code to write, maintain and document. Less errors. Your team can only focus on the specifics.

Inbox user interface

A single source of truth for all your transactions

Keep real-time tracking of what is owned by whom from pay-ins to pay-outs. Get rid of the complexity to manage multiple sources, intermediary states, and destinations and know exactly where any money movement came from and went to. Capture every transaction across your various payment and banking providers to make reconciliation and end-to-end payment tracking possible.

Inbox user interface

    Browse the use-cases library

    Model funds in flight on your ledger to enable deferred payouts and fund pending processing

    Use multi-destination to collect fees on your ledger transactions

    Keep track of fractional shares in your ledger and handle multi-assets wallets