Formance for Platforms

Build end-to-end money flows in days and iterate to success.

Better economics than your competitors.

Build any splitting logic

Your opportunity is built on unique specifics. Translate this uniques in Numscript and build the splitting logic that works for you, your customers, your merchants and your partners. Create multi-seller orders, per-seller commission, commission discounts, per-item delivery recipients and more. With its unique DSL, Formance is the most flexible payment splitting solution on the market.

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Implement new revenue streams in hours

Unlock all business opportunities, with ready-made complex payment business cases and implement them seamlessly without having to reinvent the wheel or rebuild everything from scratch. Secure or expand your revenues with the use-cases you need and get new ideas to improve your payment economics.

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Multi-processors payments flows

Build the splitting logic that enables your business and seamlessly weave customer payments with merchants payouts. Abstract away processing specifics at the ledger level for maximal flexibility and offer tailored payment experiences to your users.

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Improve your customer experience

Whether to attract new users, to improve retention, or to reward loyal partners, complex innovative payment scenarios can be a real competitiveness asset for platform. But a real pain in the ass to build and track. With Formance, get rid of that complexity and start leveraging new payments flows without having to reinvent the wheel.

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Payments operations, in check.

One single platform to manage all your payment flows

No need to build in-house complex systems to monitor and operate your payment flows anymore. With Formance, you have access to one single solution to manage all your payments and transactions. The different types of views and dashboards are designed to meet every teams involved - product, operations and finance.

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Streamline your payment operations

Get global views on all your payments and transactions across your payment providers, in real-time. Connect to your Formance platform and get access to consolidated backlogs of pending actions - consolidated view on all the chargebacks, payment approvals, failures among others.

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Take the right action at the right time

Get alerted of payment failures or bugs in real-time and take the appropriate actions. Don’t let critical operations get unnoticed and slip through the crack - failed processing, chargebacks, pending transactions to be approved.

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Browse the use-cases library

Split a customer payment to multiple parties with templates

Keep track precisely on how much you earned on a given timeframe

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