Open Source Financial Backend

Build bespoke flow of funds with the partners of your choice on the Formance agnostic infrastructure.

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Super Payments

Is your product limited by a legacy financial infrastructure?

Build bespoke flow of funds with the partners of your choice on the Formance agnostic infrastructure.

  • Product & Payments

    Feeling limited by your current financial stack?

    Are you facing rigidity in your current stack and providers that prevent building custom flow of funds and features? What if you were provided a toolkit that empowers you to develop limitless use cases tailored to your specific business context?

  • Engineering

    Struggling with siloed & legacy in-house system?

    In-house development and custom integrations of additional financial partners are highly time and resource-consuming. Picture a world featuring a unified data layer and an agnostic financial infrastructure, enabling you to effortlessly scale, free from performance hurdles.

  • Revenue

    Missing strategic product opportunities?

    You may be leaving money on the table due to underused financial products and an inefficient infrastructure. Unlock additional revenue streams and improve unit economics through new financial features, supported by the partners of your choice.

Modular, Extensible Financial Backend

Start owning your payment-related business logic by using Formance
agnostic infrastructure and connect with the financial partners of your choice.


When you deal with money, Formance is an absolute no-brainer.

François Ruty, CTO at Shares

Modular & agnostic primitives

The Formance Stack is a suite of financial primitives built on a unified data layer, encapsulating the intelligence and business logic of payments in one place.

Record your money flows in database

Record real-time money movements on a programmable financial ledger built for scalable asset tracking.

Unlimited sub-ledgers

Scale horizontally with unlimited sub-ledgers. Choose your sharding strategy from one unique ledger to a ledger per user.

Ledger as a Foundation

The ledger is a low-level accounting tool, on which a lot of other services can be built. Wallets services, Reconciliation services and counting.

Stitch your payments services providers

A single API to weave in your processing rails.
Integrate your PSPs, from pay-in to pay-out.

Effortless Account Management

Easily manage user accounts on Payments, offering a bridge to payment providers for viewing transactions and simplifying payments.

Real-time Data Sync

Track and manage payments efficiently with Payments, featuring real-time status updates and detailed transaction history.

Closed-loop payments infrastructure

Tap into new revenue streams by embedding an internal
payment channel in your product.

Built on Ledger

Wallets is an additional layer and feature set build on top of the battle-tested Ledger product.


Should your needs grow beyond Wallets, you can eject to the Ledger service, enabling direct customization.

Reconcile funds under management

Automate reconciliation, swiftly address discrepancies, and gain confidence in your payment data.

Fund Flow Transparency

With Reconciliation, gain critical insights by acknowledging discrepancies in fund flows, enabling proactive resolution and financial integrity.

Financial Process Optimization

Ensure operational excellence by reconciling ledger balances with PSP account balances, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your financial operations.

Building money-flow made easy

Create financial workflows that can natively and seamlessly move value across ledgers, wallets and payments objects with a unified send statement.

Orchestrated, End-to-End

Start with an inbound payment. Wait a few days. Trigger a pay-out. Journalise the entry. All within the same workflow, reliably concretised by the Flows execution engine.

Automated Errors Management

Focus on expressing your flow of funds; Flows will be here to figure out a safe and efficient retry or rollback strategy in case of execution errors.


Extensive Connectivity

Connect your Formance Stack to the financial provider or payment processor of your choice.
Use one of the connectors available or create your own.

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They love working with us

Anyone can offer performance and reliability, but no one else can offer the level of transparency, trust, and partnership that Formance does.

Shaun Martin, Director of Engineering at Newton


Formance saves us months of work and provides the flexibility getmomo needs to build impactful products. The open source Formance ledger is a game changer for the industry.

Sonny Piers, CTO at getmomo


Handling money movements at scale is challenging. When you deal with money, Formance is an absolute no-brainer.

François Ruty, CTO at Shares


Formance brings the flexibility we need in our payment system to scale our ride-hailing and delivery platform. The product is easy to integrate, deploy and the team provides exceptional technical support.

Josef Puchinger, CTO at Angkas


Enterprise-Grade Security

Your payment infrastructure requires security.
We make sure to keep your infrastructure safe & reliable.

  • SOC 2 Type II Certified

    We obtained SOC 2 Type II certification and we are constantly working on our compliance.

  • ISO 27001 Certified

    We are certified by Johanson group, affirming our commitment to the highest standards of security.

  • Cloud or Self-Hosted

    Use our Cloud or host your payment system
    using the hosting provider of your choice.

  • Open Source

    Source code with lifetime access, offering transparency along with a community support.

  • Standard Authentication Protocols

    Enhanced security and integration with seemless authentication with OAuth, JWT, OIDC.

  • Penetration Testing

    Third-party security firms undertake regular penetration tests on every product we build.

[...] the next standard financial ledger for money movements, starting with an open source base and taking aim at developers — the power behind the power


Championing a so-called ledger-as-a-service, the software enables startups to consolidate all transactions into one place


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