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Anne-Sybille Pradelles

Co-Founder, CEO

Anne-Sybille Pradelles is a co-founder of Formance, where she currently oversees its go-to-market and operational functions. Her prior role was as COO at Alsid, a cybersecurity company, where she successfully led the company's growth from inception to acquisition within four years, expanding the team to over 120 employees and establishing a global operational footprint (US / EMEA / APAC).

Clément Salaün

Co-Founder, CTO

Clément is a co-founder of Formance, overseeing product and engineering. He previously led payments at Selency, where he designed and scaled systems, processes and teams that operated multi-millions worth of transactions in real-time. He co-founded Formance to share his expertise and empower innovative companies building the next generation of financial services.

YC Combinator
Frst VC
Axeleo Capital
Hoxton Ventures

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