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  • reslène bahloul photo

    Reslène Bahloul

    Software Engineer

  • benjamin andoque photo

    Benjamin Andoque


  • brieuc caillot photo

    Brieuc Caillot

    Interactive Software Engineer

  • antoine gelloz photo

    Antoine Gelloz

    Software Engineer

  • anne-sybille pradelles photo

    Anne-Sybille Pradelles

    Co-founder & COO

  • julie hourcade photo

    Julie Hourcade

    Cloud Platform Engineer

  • jules dupas photo

    Jules Dupas

    Technical Account Manager

  • clément salaün photo

    Clément Salaün

    Co-founder & CEO

  • maxence maireaux photo

    Maxence Maireaux

    VP of Engineering

  • geoffrey ragot photo

    Geoffrey Ragot

    Systems Engineer

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