Money Moving

Expressive, reliable end-to-end money movements orchestration.

Easy money-flow builder

Easily define and customize your financial sequences using a straightforward YAML format. With clear stages like 'send', 'wait_event', and 'delay', setting up your workflow is a breeze.

Multi-steps workflows

Tailor your money flows to your needs. With Flows, you can design intricate workflows that consider potential delays, external events, and other contingencies.

Native error management

Ensure uninterrupted financial operations. If a transaction faces issues, Flows natively provides options to retry or fall back to alternative methods, ensuring continuity.


Available with your
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Start using Flows with our SDK.

import { Formance } from "@formance/formance-sdk";
import { CreateWorkflowResponse } from "@formance/formance-sdk/dist/sdk/models/operations";
import { ErrorErrorCode } from "@formance/formance-sdk/dist/sdk/models/shared";
const sdk = new Formance({
  security: {
    authorization: "Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE",
  name: "Lela Orn",
  stages: [
      "corporis": "explicabo",
}).then((res: CreateWorkflowResponse) => {
  if (res.statusCode == 200) {
    // handle response

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