Financial Providers,

A single API to weave in your processing rails.
Stitch your financial services providers, from pay-in to pay-out.

Flexible framework

Integrate your payment processors and financial providers into one single platform with our connectors, for better visibility and control.

Real-time data sync

Track and manage payments efficiently with Connectivity, featuring real-time status updates and detailed transaction history.

Streamlined payout process

Initiate and manage payout payments in with Connectivity, offering flexibility with customizable connectors for diverse payment systems.


Available with your
favorite language

Start using Connectivity with our SDK.

await sdk.payments.installConnector({
  connectorConfig: {
    apiKey: "XXX",
    name: "My Adyen Account",
    pollingPeriod: "60s",
  connector: Connector.Adyen,

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