Formance at Money 20/20 Europe's Biggest Fintech Show 2023

June 12, 2023byAnkush Thakurand Brieuc Caillot

What’s in it for this Money 20/20 Europe

Money20/20 is among the most premier events in the fintech industry that brings together industry leaders, investors, startups, and technology vendors.

The event took place in Amsterdam on June 4-6, 2024. It was a successful gathering where people could connect, learn about new technologies, and talk about rules and problems.

This three day event is where the money ecosystem comes together to shape what’s next for the industry.

Every year, Money20/20 provides connections, tools, knowledge and access to the innovations of the future.

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Explore Money20/20, sharing our experience, main points, and the benefits of being part of this prestigious event.

Key Highlights : What was new this season? 

The event had 8,000 attendees, 2,300 companies, and 380 sponsors. It was very successful and showed a lot of interest from the industry.

What makes it remarkable is that 90 countries worldwide are working together to shape the industry.

During Day 1, speakers like Rumman Chowdhury, Lily Cole, and Uri Levine impressed the audience with their knowledge. The Encore stage had these experts, captivating attendees with an exciting encore performance. 

On the second day, new and determined businesses took part in a competition called Europe's Got Access. They were hoping to win a $100,000 uncapped SAFE note from Commerce Ventures. 

Day 3 marked the conclusion of Money20/20 Europe, leaving attendees with invaluable connections, profound insights, and game-changing experiences.

PS : The Money-Bot, a remarkable 12ft robot with its innovative design that was stealing the show.

Why Should Fintech Startups Attend Money20/20 ?

You will essentially be able to do three months of networking in three days. That's a really high value event. Plus the quality of attendees is very high.

It's some commitment to get there because of the price and a bunch of factors. The audience is just highly qualified. That's great as well. I think those are the main reasons.

Clément Salaün, Formance CEO

Reason 1 : A Multitude of Engagements

Over the course of three days, startups can interact with 100 of companies, including investors, partners, and potential users.

Meeting with fintech companies like lending companies, cash management platforms, and investment firms is important. It leads to many potential clients and opportunities for future communication.

Reason 2 : Networking Opportunities and Strategies at Money 20/20

To maximise the networking opportunities, the startups can extensively plan the schedules before the event. Participants can utilise the event app to identify attendees, request meetings, and fill their calendars.

By proactively approaching potential contacts and conducting research, you can also ensure that your time at Money20/20 is well-utilised.

Check out how we pre-planned for Money20/20 : 


Reason 3: The Benefits of Money 20/20's Location and Attendees

Money20/20's choice of location in Central Europe, emphasises its strong network effect and the high quality of attendees.

The event's location makes networking easy, allowing participants to engage in three months' worth of networking in only three days. The attendees commitment to the event enhanced the overall value of Money20/20.

Reason 4 : Gather valuable Insights from Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussions

Money20/20 features a great number of keynote speakers and panel discussions. We suggest exploring the event's website to access insightful quotes and information from these sessions.

The themes cover almost every essential topic from AI/ML, Banking Cryptocurrency to even regulation, policy and ecommerce.

What were the most significant topics that caught our attention ?

Innovations in Fintech and Adjacent Technologies:

Money20/20 showcased various innovative technologies and solution providers, companies like Temporal, an infrastructure company for managing workflows, and HugeBite DB, a database company.

We noted that technology such as blockchain, machine learning had a reduced presence compared to previous years. This year, the focus was on generative technologies and how they affect financial institutions and services. Some companies added artificial intelligence (AI) to their products.This trend demonstrates the influence of AI has begun in the fintech space.

Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Discussions:

Regulatory challenges were a recurring topic of discussion at Money20/20. The ever-evolving nature of fintech regulations necessitates ongoing adaptation and compliance strategies.

Addressing compliance concerns in the Fintech industry is important but challenging due to the emphasis on the product's value proposition.


Money 20/20 is an opportunity that brings together key players and decision makers of the financial system and industry to shed light on the latest trends and challenges.

As for a Start-up, or mid-scale company it provides great opportunities for networking with, exploring innovative technologies, and getting feedback and ideas. 

900+ finance innovators building on Formance and sharing best practices.