Formance Platform

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Cloud Native Hosting

Hosting options available for your needs

Own your infrastructure, as much as you want to.
The perfect balance of control, efficiency, and scalability.

Available with multiple Cloud Providers:
  • Formance Cloud

    Minimize the infrastructure overhead of running the platform by yourself. Deployment is hosted and managed by Formance.

  • CloudPrem I

    Hybrid deployment in which the control plane is hosted and managed by Formance, while the data plane is self-hosted.

  • CloudPrem II

    Fully self-hosted deployment, in which both the control plane and the data plane are self-hosted on your infrastructure.

Formance Platform

How is the
Formance Platform

Hosted by Formance
Batteries Included

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Secure your operations with our suite of enterprise features,
designed for most-demanding deployments.

  • RBAC

    Permission with precision.
    Fine-grained access control across your organization.

  • Audit Logs

    Monitor detailed activity traces across the Formance Platform, with auto-sync to your SIEM.

  • Events Stream

    Hook your application and react to platform events to trigger custom logic in your back-end.

  • Single Sign-On

    Simplify access with a single login using your organization's identity management system.

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