Closed-loop Payments

Tap into new revenue streams by embedding an internal
payment channel in your product.

Wallets main features

  • Sub-balances Support

    Create wallets with a primary balance, multiple secondary balances and configurable pulling rules at will.

  • Expirable Fungibles

    Wallets now support expirable fungible funds, allowing you to grant to users balances with a validity date.

  • Temporary Holds

    Wallets allows temporary holds on transactions, and provide a better control over fund movements.

  • Built on Ledger

    Wallets is an additional layer and feature set build on top of the battle-tested Ledger product.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Wallets offer support for balances in multiple currencies and assets denominations.

  • Eject-friendly

    Should your needs grow beyond Wallets, you can eject to the Ledger service, enabling direct customization.



Get an overview over your Wallets.

Multiple Wallets

Create multiple wallets, depending on your needs.

Wallet Overview

Get information details on a single Wallet with all its balances.


Available with your favorite language

Start using Wallets with our SDK.

import { Formance } from "@formance/formance-sdk";
import { CreateWalletResponse } from "@formance/formance-sdk/dist/sdk/models/operations";
import { WalletsErrorResponseErrorCode } from "@formance/formance-sdk/dist/sdk/models/shared";
const sdk = new Formance({
  security: {
    authorization: "Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE",
  metadata: {
    "vero": "aspernatur",
    "architecto": "magnam",
  name: "Miriam Hermann",
}).then((res: CreateWalletResponse) => {
  if (res.statusCode == 200) {
    // handle response
Use Cases

Explore our use cases

Allow your customers to use their wallets at checkout and for payments

Refund your users by crediting their wallet to keep funds on your platform

Create a closed-loop economy on your marketplace


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