Formance + Stripe

Extend your Stripe deployment and unlock new payments opportunities with Formance


Get started in minutes

1. Deploy

Get your Formance deployment on our managed Cloud, or self-hosted on your own infrastructure.

2. Connect

Connect your Stripe account with Formance using nothing more than an API Key.

3. Build

With your Stripe account now in sync, start building new payments features.

Under the hood

Leverage Formance's agnostic primitives on top of your existing Adyen deployment


Batteries Included

  • Enhanced Data Layer

    A unified data model for all connected processors, with out-of-the-box bi-temporality and automated synchronisation.

  • Reconciliation

    Confidently build complex flows, backed by automated reconciliation with drift detection and reports policies.

  • Events Streams

    Tap into the Formance Events Stream and Webhooks, with normalised events your system can react to.

Planning on using Stripe?

We would be happy to help you build your financial infrastructure.